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A MATTER OF SIZE - two boys take it deep

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by RickPatrick 7 years ago

oh ho hum--nothing for me here

by zano827 9 years ago

best example of 'trying it on for size' i've seen in a very long time. terrible acting though. just terrible.
nontheless, stimulating!

by jugy50 9 years ago

ohh la la!

by tommysuper2007 9 years ago

the blond guy is totally HOT!!!

by bibritguy 9 years ago

Shame we have to endure the dreadful music!

by bucky 9 years ago

fuck yeah the stud with the dark hair is hot, he has the best smile + body

by gayaznboy4 10 years ago

That young stud with black hair is SO HOT.

by Steve77 10 years ago

A Matter of Size was the first VHS porn tape I bought. This was my favorite scene. I jacked off to this scene so much my cock was sore.

by bartonside 10 years ago

What memories! This was the first gay video I bought. I can remember how excited I was when it arrived. Now that porn is so easily available, it's as well to remember that, in the UK, it was very difficult to get hold of.
A move by the British Board of Film Classification paved the way when they decided that there was no logical reason why mature adults should not watch film of what was, anyway, a legal activity.

by LostBoy68 10 years ago

OMG, this was one of the first pornos I ever saw. I remember the guy in the black polo.