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huge deepthroat

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by careem 7 years ago

watched this before and the guy must not of ever had head from another man. He wasn't sure what to do.Then, it was just more than he could stand and he shot a load... I never saw his cock deepthroated however. Maybe a half deepthroat...

by missypeach 7 years ago

That orgasm was amazing!

by mrdj 8 years ago

That guy can't deepthroat to save his life! And the guy getting the bj is fuckin' ugly! Booooooooring!

by quino993 9 years ago

SHIT there's nothing like a guy who not only knows how to suck dick, but also finishes it all by SWALLOWING. Damn.

by careem 9 years ago

He looks like he isn't feeling a thing and then all of a sudden it hits him that his dick is being sucked. Bam, what a feeling!

by bonerwatch 9 years ago

That's what I call a powerful orgasm!

by xhungmasc 10 years ago

the most boring sucking scene I've ever seen..what a waste of a big cock!

by elloello24 10 years ago

thats what i like too see

by ikarooz 10 years ago

I luv a cocksucker that works the balls well... YOW!

by phonebator 11 years ago

sumbody wake that muthfucker up!

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