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This Brazilian stud was clearly born to fuck. Here, after a long time away from the scene, he pounds Kardoso's tender hole. Raw, of course...

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by Videohouse 8 months ago


by colegio22 8 months ago

I love Big Marcos.

by keikobad 8 months ago

I've busted many a nut watching him work over boipussy.

by cberard 8 months ago

Marcos, despite a nothing-special face & body, radiates amazingly powerful sex appeal.

by HungSkinnyBiWhiT 4 weeks ago

Very much in agreement. This in spite of the fact that he resembles from certain angles and lighting, he resembles my 28yr old, so far younger, and way better looking Caucasian super fat dicked with huge balls to boot, he makes me do double take every time nearly. My ex fiancé Jeff H the somewhat sociopathic but always well meaning beast of a fuck machine he was is-as dom top or sub kink Btm. It’s only been 10 months and I still miss the kid.