JW King - John King

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by bangmeoutboy 9 months ago

the videos on this website never work for me

by malehunger 1 year ago

an all time classic I never tire of watching again and again and again

by jackstud6969 4 years ago

hot, Jon was my favorite of all time...

by domingo 8 years ago

strong bare
great 70's!!

by mikeyrn927 9 years ago

they are NOT related

by 9 years ago

So you're saying these two are brothers, Charles? Damn! That's hot!!

by charles35 9 years ago

they were brothers in real life. & both were versitile, although jon made the most films.

by sdgriffin 10 years ago

JW King is the top, Jon King is the bottom. Never was sure if they were related.

by hungbreederTOP 10 years ago

Jon is the one sucking the dudes cock at the beginning of the vid.

by gjs3112 10 years ago

Jon is the one with the moustache yeah right - they both have them!!!!!