He Can't Take It

White twink rides a thick cock bare and can't handle it.

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by MegaSchwanzTyp 2 years ago

Is this Thor? looks like his impressive monstercock.

by Yasuchika 4 years ago

Then he just needs to be trained to take it.

by mocock 4 years ago

shame how big dicks waste their time with passives like this one.

by digitalandhim 2 years ago

Shame on comments like yours, some are highly sensitive and some are not. So your comment is useless. I’m highly sensitive bottom and I wish I could take big cock straight away, but I can’t becuse of senstive prostate. So next time before you make a commnet on sth think about those sensitive once.

by DEEPHOLZ69 7 years ago

TIMETRAVELER6900@HOTMAIL.COM if ya want to drop a load, my hands won't push you back ;)

by DEEPHOLZ69 7 years ago

His arms need to tied together in front of him so (Like I see in professional porn) he doesn't push away the top when they go deep he needs to experience the pain to get to the pleasure, open up that spinxister he will be a bitch boy once he realizes what he can do; lol..........

by mulder 7 years ago


by martinllonga 7 years ago

Does anyone know who the top is?

by FreakMuscleXXL 5 years ago

Looks a bit like my best friend's cock. But he would not fuck that gentle as this guy.

by Vaticinato100 7 years ago

Somewhere in Brazil. Very far away from you ;)