Overly Hung naked guy

Please if anyone knows who is this, tell me in the comments

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by XLvvX 1 year ago

Just when I thought "I've seen everything". If anyone knows anything concrete about this guy, I'd love to know. Amazing!!!

by thicky 1 year ago

i wish there was more of this guy.
Does anyone know who or where this is?
I wonder if this man knows how gifted he is?

by forsterralf 1 year ago

he seems to be homeless, maybe mentally challenged, roaming the streets looking for something eatible in the garbage.

by ecra 1 year ago


by bustin 1 year ago

No info of this? Goddamn...

by jb215460 1 year ago

If I would have saw that walking around my neighborhood, i would have asked him to get inside my car and drove away

by royboy361 1 year ago

This guy has been the flavor of the month.