Because sometimes dicks are just that big!

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It reaches his chest, easily!

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by hungselfer 2 years ago

i'm sure if this dude would ever tilt his head downward, his lips would automatically come in contact with his huge cock & he could easily suck himself off.

by maelou 2 years ago

This link to check out all his shows in cam:

by Manaateone 2 years ago

imagine if this guy shaved all the hair off of his body except for his face. Oh my how hot would that be. pornstar shit

by maelou 2 years ago

It's sinatra90 he had a profile in chaturbate. He said in his chatroom that his dick measures 9.3'' and 9.5'' rock hard. A link from where this king of webcam recorded is extracted:

by man149 2 years ago

I would say 9 Inch on this chap... (champion)

by glenmavis 2 years ago

That's what you call a monster cock. Who is he ?

by mulder 2 years ago

Serin Schwanz ist unglaublich! Genial wie schnell er, nachdem der gekommen ist, klein wird. und wie klein. Es muss mega viel SpaƟ machen das Teil gross zu blasen.

by bufmanlvr 2 years ago

Love that he's keeping his erection at near max, because his bouncing balls are almost as hot as his massive pole!

by royboy361 2 years ago

He should be able to self with no effort.

by BigDickFriend 2 years ago

that`s a real big one :-). please let me know who he is. just send me a message.