Asics Commercial

I am on my way to go swimming and sauna. So i have to prepare myself for going out in public. Thats what i will look like.....

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by monopolizador 4 years ago

If the bulge is a problem, then position your cock up my friend. Because balls and cock are together it looks bigger.

by cocklover999 6 years ago

Love it! - Show off that beautiful, big fat bulge of cock!!!

by Gladiatorhbl 8 years ago

kinda was waiting for him to go in public ???????????

by hawaiiancock 9 years ago

Haha! I do the same thing when i wear my speedos.

by Hoggobbler 9 years ago

Looks yummy to me! Love a man showing big in his swim suit. Wish you would lay it to the side. I love that. Also I like to cut the lining out of my suit so it shows a lot when it gets wet! OINK!

by eddie1985 9 years ago

thats just sad and pathetic

by nikefetish35 9 years ago

what sauna do you hang out at, buddy?

by tjbrighton 10 years ago

I love a nice pumped cock.. hot.

by creature100 11 years ago

this guy deserves to be serviced ... deepthroat ... and for a long time... i am ready for it .. :-D

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