Another Harrer-Birkin sandwich

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Pornstars:Jack HarrerJoel Birkin

Challenging the idiotic notion that BelAmi/Kinky Angels videos are unwelcome on MCL - apparently because two regulars here happen not to like them(!) - I've decided to post a complete & unedited HD copy of the latest in BA's 'Offensively Large' series, starring Jack Harrer & Joel Birkin, and featuring Arne Coen sandwiched between them. (Honestly, I suspect that Arne would be amazed to learn that his heavy-hung playmates aren't considered worthy of appearing here.)

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by mikein1973 9 months ago


by AndyDC 2 years ago

This clip and the one with Koldo are the only two posts on this entire page that have been favorited over 30 times. (None of the others come even close.) And yet it scores a mere 70-something percent--between 15 & 20 p/c lower than all the many, many BA clips already in the archive. This suggests that relatively few people who 'favorite' something bother to vote 'Like' for it, too- and that the only really motivated voters are the ones intent on lowering a score.

by ninjaboi 2 years ago

would love to join their party !

by Polesmoker1 2 years ago

Awesome ... Love Jack

by argus3906 2 years ago