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shorty mac

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by heavybulge 6 years ago

I don't know how they did it, but they added some width to the camera. I. Other words they added some with to short macs body etc. if u look closely his body seems to be wider, thicker & fatter. He is still shorty Mac & he is still naturally thick.

by thikcok 10 years ago

Yeah it's all real. On another vid he puts it against a video cassette and it is at least half the width.
Only thing is ~ it tapers (unlike Shane Diesel who has a massive knob-end)

by manniman 10 years ago

Shorty is not fake, he is the thickest i've seen.

by mizzlopez 10 years ago


by JamPowerButt 10 years ago

WOW ! This BRUTHA is something else !!

by fredrickfucswell 10 years ago

it doesn't fit!!!!!!!!!!!!! godd luck finding someone who can take that beercan

by heartburnt2002 10 years ago

Not fake dudes. THe distortion comment is also wrong, the entire video would be stretched which it clearly is not. I have seen this dude in porn vids and that's all real

by hanstoes 10 years ago

it might be fake, but she can't get her hand around it!

by gogoguy 10 years ago

It's not fake. The video is posted in wide-angle format, thus distorted. A cheap trick visually, but not fake.

by extremecock 10 years ago

A real FAKE - because on some vids he is a lot thinner than here - pumping or another shit....BORING