Eddie selfsucks his hose

Eddie caresses his schlong as if it were a cat and sucks himself..

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by elyptika 1 year ago

I've taken eleven inches long with a girth of eight and a quarter inches around, and with a huge head. Even I couldn't take that. Does it ever get properly hard, or is that impossible? If it's silicone filled, probably not?

by Gugaone 2 years ago

..of course it is silicone........

by Internationalmuscle 2 years ago

He escorts in NYC and of course he lets guys play with his dick. but no anal intercourse. No, that is not silicone nor added fat. It is what it is. Pumpd, yes, but dont know what is it that made it that big.

by pb9717 2 years ago

So, thats like filled with Silicone? or Fat? Like , you can't actually have sex with anything with that cock , right? I mean, I love giant dicks, but I don't know what to think about this guy. And he's straight, so he doesn't let guys actually touch him I think. Odd.

by thicky 2 years ago

I want to have a dick just like his only BIGGER