Still hanging on

There was a batch of Jessy Karson scenes last summer (three of them posted by me) and while fans cheered his return, many were less enthusiastic about the action side of things. Let's face it: no matter how well-endowed, a guy with nagging wood problems should probably drop 'Born to Fuck' from his calling-card, at least for the time being. Anyway, whether hard, soft (or somewhere in between), Jessy remains lavishly hunnnng (those balls!), and, as we see here, still capable of capping a self-suck session with a generous splash of jizz.

Comments (4)

by marlins 7 months ago

AWESOME - continues to be great.

by zorrofan 2 years ago

He's been at it for a full ten years (since he was 18) and hasn't made the wisest choices, personally & professionally, but I've always considered him a real turn-on.

by Polesmoker1 2 years ago

Love The Horny Fucker *****

by AndyDC 2 years ago

Yes, He still has the suckiest nuts around (after Antonio Biaggi's, anyway)...