Big Hole

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by z_karpathy 3 years ago

I've noticed that Lisa is often and justly accused of parading out repeat after repeat. But when she makes a genuine discovery--something truly new & found thru her own initiative--it tends to be a blockbuster (like this amazing clip)!

by papagallo222 3 years ago

Further to last: As I said, Jake Kay's scenes are nigh impossible to find, having been aggressively sought out & scrubbed from the usual sources. But I got lucky last night & found the Jake/KO scene still lurking in an obscure torrent stream, and I've posted it just now as "Big Hole made bigger." (BTW, Jake hasn't done a Mr. M scene after all, but the one with Dev must be out there somewhere.)

by papagallo222 3 years ago

The sexy little fucker with the gaping butt is Jake Kay, a true original who's more like a performance artist than a porn actor. RawStrokes has paired him up with Knockout and Mr. Marky (and a few others.) I'll bet those scenes are as hot as this one with Red, but they're almost impossible to find except on RawStrokes DVDs.

by zorrofan 3 years ago

UnbeLEEEVably hot!!!

by sonomabear 3 years ago

Fucking hot fuck!!!

by alfacruxis 3 years ago

Hot top...
Hot bottom...
Hot video...
Fuck yeah...!

by eagleherc 3 years ago

Fuck Yeah!!

by divagrey 3 years ago

Very hot!!!

by youngthirdleg 3 years ago

Please post more gay gape stuff, seems to be little of this around. Would rather see a guys arse stretch like that than a girls.

by Polesmoker1 3 years ago

Red Is One Hot Fucker *****