Birkin's new boyfriend

Although Joel Birkin is one of Bel Ami/Kinky Angel's top guns (right up there with Jack Harrer), he has yet to win universal acclaim among the denizens of MCL. Still, despite a lingering ambivalence about him, he definitely has his fans here, and his clips are consistently well received. So it's only right that we keep track of his onscreen appearances--the latest of which shows him going at it with a brand-new playmate from Sweden, Torsten Ullman. (Cumshot lovers alert: both guys unload twice in this one.)

Comments (4)

by CooperM360 3 years ago

I'm not part of the MCL uploading family. I don't understand your obsessions with ratings. I promise you. The very very last thing I look for on this site is ratings. I check it every other day, or daily and see the new videos as they arrive. I watch the ones that appeal to me. I NEVER check the ratings.

by AndyDC 3 years ago

Hmmm...The five* score on this one - which any reasonable judgment would deem appropriate for Birkin's outsized cock - seems to be under covert attack, like Crazy's posts. With 35 votes in already and 45 faves so far, I may soon shut down ratings, too.

by Internationalmuscle 3 years ago

Twinks! Oh no! lol

by partyboy877 3 years ago

That dick looks like a baguette, family size.