Deep Dicc dicks deep

It wasn't until 11gt's two recent posts featuring Deep Dicc that I became aware of that splendid bro, so when I saw that Raw Strokes had just released a scene with him drilling their premier bottom, the amazing Armond Rizzo, I grabbed it right away. These guys don't disappoint. Even though DD's cumshot is actually a depth-charge (fired waay up Armond's butt), watching his dick pulsing & throbbing as he unloads is as exciting as the usual money $hot, maybe even more so. But I do fault the cameraman for not framing the aftermath better. As Armond dribbles out the load, we should have seen ALL of DD's uncut & detumescent shlong--a beautiful sight in itself.

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by Berkeley1974 2 years ago

Love watching Armond take big Cocks.... Very Hott Fuck Scene here...

by buds1125 9 months ago

me too

by buds1125 3 years ago

now that's hot

by caliente1 3 years ago

wow the bottom is hot as fuck

by mulder 3 years ago

very nice!!

by hotboy007 3 years ago

bottomed for deep ddick in DC. dont be fooled by the size of that kid bottom. deep ddick got that dick of death you ever fantasized about. monster!!

by Studly30 3 years ago

You whores are hot messes!! Your cunts are wetter than Armand's pussy😘

by keikobad 3 years ago

Yes, much, much better with short hair. And Armond's hair is perfect for him, too! :-) A great team!

by Polesmoker1 3 years ago

HOT *****

by Eager2pleaz 3 years ago

Real chemistry between these two. "Ah fuck that feels good!" Armand shouts ad DD pounds away. BTW, I think DD is much sexier w short hair.

by Studly40 3 years ago

Gyal! The pum pum is really stretched!!