Raw fuck on all fours


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by Internationalmuscle 3 years ago

Well, we all decide scoring based in different factors. I scored it with four stars simply because its a short vid.

by partyboy877 3 years ago

I'm 100% with you guys on that. Girth is where it's at. A monstercock is much more often a really FAT cock than it is a merely long one. (OK, that may be just my opinion, but I've honestly never understood how & why others fail to see it that way.)

by sexualtourist 3 years ago

Seems to me c4c is making the legitimate point that many here count GIRTH as decisive a factor in what counts as a big dick as does length. In fact, some size queens like me consider it a LOT more important. While a skinny fire-poker cock of unusual length leaves me cold, these 'chubettes' are a turn-on! So, for me, it's a 5-star post.

by crazy4cock 3 years ago

Why such a modest score for this clip of a truly fat & rock-hard shlong fucking? (The background voices on the soundtrack are a bit odd, but so what?)