Monster Thick Serbian

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Monster Thick Serbian

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by bobcollins 3 months ago

happy just to smell that dream man. glad someone got him. hasnt been on chaturbate for a while now.

by colegio22 9 months ago

30 minutes, no cumshot. The smoking turned me off.

by colegio22 9 months ago

Gorgeous cock. It needs a helping male mouth.

by seekhorsehung 2 years ago

We want it

by BullPumpr 2 years ago

Holy Fuck, he needs me!

by felix70 3 years ago

amazing dick but a very boring show, it is a waste of money

by sexualtourist 3 years ago

Today (Wednesday), he must have been camming very early--9 AM EDT. I'm eager to see one of his famous cumshots. Have you ever been there when he popped one, Pumper?

by roccobene 3 years ago

OK, all you wild & crazy gurlz, think up some alluring Chaturbate screen-names & prepare to make nimble use of Google Translate!

by namathnick 3 years ago

His chaturbate name is Opusten23 & he's on most days after 10 or 11 AM EDT for an hour or so. I understand he shoots huge loads, but I can't confirm that first-hand. In any case, he's got an amazingly thick, well-upholstered shlong on him! Hit on by scads of cocksuckers, the poor guy keeps looking for wild & crazy gals, nymphos who want to take that monster up the ass!

by phreddie1 3 years ago

I've been wacking off to this clip all week. Can't get enough, and hoping for more new stuff--PLUS his Chaturbate name!!!