And then I woke up. . .

Maybe you, like me, have been awaiting the return of LUAN MASTRO--the phenomenally fat-dicked Brazilian stud who caused such a sensation here last summer. Rejoice, then, since HotBoys has just released a comeback clip, and it's very much a sequel to the stuff that made Luan famous. Revisiting the workplace-sex theme that had him boffing lucky officeboys, Luan repeats the role as an overbearing boss who doesn't bother shedding suit and tie to have his thuggish way--this time with Katter--another twink with freakazoid hair who's clueless about sucking cock but ready to take it up the tailpipe. (The big difference here is the use of porn's most ancient framing device: the action was "all just a dream.") You'll probably notice the fact that this new clip has the same plusses & minuses as the others, but whatever your judgment, I hope you'll welcome Luan back, still eager to see more of him in days to come.

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by hotboy007 9 months ago

reminds of those times i fucked through the front opening of my pants. itz real kinky

by ypt 3 years ago

God that bottom is bad!

by heurtebise 3 years ago

I wonder if he'll be rentable during the Rio Olympics. . .

by hunglad10 3 years ago

What is the best video capture software to use with www.hotboys.combr Glad to see Luan huge cock back

by 8inchlad86 3 years ago

Where do they find such utterly useless bottoms

by calvin1821 3 years ago

How on earth did that kid take that pounding from that monster cock? Impressive.

by papagallo222 3 years ago

With the hotboys site temporarily out of commission, MCL may be the only place on the Internet where you can watch and download this brand-new clip!!! (Thanks, Crazy!)

by namathnick 3 years ago

@onlyfortops: you can get a pretty good idea of his body in this clip from C4C:
which shows him jacking nude & in later taking a shower.

by jamie931 3 years ago

This clip was released just yesterday, and the sudden stampede to the site overwhelmed their server.

by onlyfortops 3 years ago

He should take his clothes off !

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