Trash to be treasured

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As the saying goes,"One man's trash is another man's treasure." Well, Anthony may be white trash (as the TIM site describes him) but he's sexy as fuck and his shlong is a treasure. Truckee (on his knees--as he should be) makes the most of his prize, polishing it to a fine gleam with a hungry mouth and capacious throat, while Anthony accepts the adulation as his due.

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by ostjunge 3 years ago

This is how to service a Dick! Just show me one Woman who can do that and I get straight ;)

by zazie 3 years ago

Luckily, life in a trailer park isn't conducive to taking lots of showers.

by vengeful91 3 years ago

A cock that dreams are made of.

by XYChromo 3 years ago

A ten-minute sojourn in cocksucker heaven...

by williebrowne 3 years ago

It makes me want to go out & suck some cock right now! (But I've gotta go to work!)

by giannizucchero 3 years ago

First class, like everything C4C posts! Thanks, buddy!!!

by Eager2pleaz 3 years ago

Great duo!

by AndyDC 3 years ago

I see the Peto connection, but this stud's face reminds me even more of Caleb Moreton & Kayden Gray--both of them sexy mothas in the same vein. LOVE this clip!!!

by Polesmoker1 3 years ago

Love It C *****

by royboy361 3 years ago

Hottest vid I've seen in awhile.