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white guy wanks large cock

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by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

a nice fucker

by ligando 6 years ago

and what if he is 6'3 inches? in Puerto Rico i know many 6"8 and more guys and girls.

by ncmel 10 years ago

what is this guys webcam screen name?

by guysluvme 10 years ago

that's a very big dick

by nc11 10 years ago

goodlooking, huge cock, big cock head, bluelite, hook me up with your friend, i would love to meat him/e-mail:i_can_deep_throat_11incher

by nc11 10 years ago

he is bigger than 9, more like 10-11, 7 around is about right

by ncmel 10 years ago

this guy has a huge cock and very thick. i would love to suck his dick. ansd he is goodlooking too

by 4bru2 10 years ago

Totally hot, but too short of a vid...he's way worth doing

by usamel 10 years ago

BLUELITE:9x7" i say more like 10 or even 10 1/2; if you really know this guy; hook me up. he has a huge cock and a big cock head
MECCH: I say more like three hands

by bluelite 10 years ago

9x7 is a fucking monster. i know this guy, he's from boston. he's 6'3.