Yu know the studz all too well. This is a series of videos from Meatpacker guys. There are five and this is no 4

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by jedi77 10 years ago

Another AWESOME post, Horse. You Rock !

by gjs3112 10 years ago

Mmmm great dick and a wonderful creamy cum shot - shame he only wants the ladies to have it - I could have put it to such good use!

by tt0121 10 years ago

more please !!!!!

by Wolf10in 10 years ago

Great cock! The file size and runtime are too much for me, but I did watch the beginning. Nice camera angles to make the model's dick look bigger. Next!

by acer2000 10 years ago

What an absolutely gorgeous perfectly shaped meaty thick cock. Just perfect, and a lovely foreskin. Quite an effort to make that monster cock cumm but what a fantastic cumm shot in the end. I'd love to see this stud in action as a top fucking a nice tight ass.

by 10 years ago

jizzz-up your life;)

by bigbigla 10 years ago

Perfect.. Big, two fisted dick, hot creamy load.

by mecch 10 years ago

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by maverick26 10 years ago

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by 10 years ago