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The Detroit Black stallion Mr. Marky is well aware about the right use of his distinguished equipment. He looses no time here in planking it into practice while being teamed up with the infamous Big Dick lover Jake Knight. I guess Mr. Marky is simply born to fuck... (PS - sorry but ratings are now disabled after a sick minded serial hacker decided to denigrate all my videos and downgrade their ratings.. You probably guessed that this will sure NOT stop me (not even a bit) from uploading more clips for our common enjoyment. Cheers All).

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by up4it20 3 years ago

I could listen to you cum all day...fucking sexy!

by nickthedick 3 years ago

WOW this is the first boring Mr Markey Video
I have ever seen. And completely the wrong title it should have been "Born To Bore"

by 11gtea 3 years ago

... and you still expect us samsex to take you seriously. Ha.. Ha.. Ha ..

by 11gtea 3 years ago

Sure - continue like that samsex (comic and irrelevant). You'll end being nominated MCL CLOWN... almost 50 people favorited it and you see it blurry??? JA.. JA.. JA

by samsex 3 years ago

Re: content... hard to judge, it's too blurry.

by samsex 3 years ago

The answer: YOU gave it 5* when posting it.

by 11gtea 3 years ago

Sorry samsex - you just came too late to the party (prior to closure) - so no hacking today dear. How about commenting something VALUABLE ABOUT THE CONTENT (!!) of the clip as all the respectable others do (rather than the usual unimportant and irrelevant crap you comment about?). If you know dong that too - why don't you show all of us??

by samsex 3 years ago

Ratings disabled? How did it get 5* then?

by Eager2pleaz 3 years ago

Luv Mr Marky!!!

by JamPowerButt 3 years ago

Oh God YES !