Heartbreaker Solo

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Hot, hung Heartbreaker shows off what makes him live up to his name. LOVE HIM.

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by SPICE829 8 years ago


by mcocktube 9 years ago

Love that close up at the end....do you think a little 420 involved...I hope so, my BF always has great finishes on that stuff!! And as the song goes...."Why do you have to be a HEARTBREAKER, is it a lession that I'll never learn. Gotta get out of this spell that I'm under....My Lover For You"

by digaopunha 9 years ago

pauzão, cara de macho, sacão, pentelhera. isso q é homem

by norseman 10 years ago

I'd love to have those balls resting on my eyes as I deep throat that beautiful cock or slapping the back of my thighs

by HorseHung11 10 years ago

Be still my beating heart. I have seen this video here before but what a stud. He is so hot alone and even more so when he is with the other monster from BLM, DICE.

by bartonside 10 years ago

I have seen this clip before. He is stunning in every way - a really huge cock and wonderful heavy balls. I love the way they bounce as he wanks his gorgeous tool. God, some men are just unbelievably wonderful.

by HungKong 10 years ago

Yeah, his eyes are amazingly beautiful. I also love those big full balls of his.

by crazy4cock 10 years ago

Ain't it the truth? Oh, I love him, too, and everything about him! (You should see a close-up of his eyes. . .)