Hanging out with a monster

I can hardly believe a cock this stupendous wouldn't have appeared yet at MCL, so if this is a repeat, let me know & I'll delete it. Finding it in an old folder yesterday, I decided to share it as is--all 45 minutes!--since copying to abridge it would have degraded the small-format image, and because, even at its full length, it's only 170 MB, & therefore postable that way. It's lovely to gaze upon, whether he's working it or letting it loll about as he types, so I advise you to just go with it. (Sorry, no cumshot.) Most important of all: Does anyone know WHOSE master/monsterpiece this is and where else he/it may be found?

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by freak3334 3 months ago


by freak3334 3 months ago

Is he the guy on caste on Marcos island in gla

by FreakMuscleXXL 9 months ago

That a super perfect cock!

by LongJohnny 2 years ago

Hell I'd like to see that dick starring in a seriously made vid. Some tool!

by thatwouldbeme 3 years ago

I feel insignificant now LOL

by Internationalmuscle 3 years ago

Long live Phreddie!

by LongJohnny 3 years ago

Hell, how does he ever keep his hands off it? Or find time to eat or sleep or work? That is a stunner.

by MiouLudicolo 3 years ago


by phreddie1 3 years ago

I totally agree, Chipp! A splashy cumshot is always nice, but to fetishize it HERE is dumb

by chippendalexxll 3 years ago

Remind when a vid expresses its beauty, I think
cumshot is not always important----bye