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"Cycling to soccer makes me horny - 2 "

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by hpoll10 3 months ago

Blackey Madison is seriously one of my favorite guys—the dude is so fucking horny all the time, and he can whip his fat cock out and get rock hard at the drop of a hat, and within minutes he will have coated the nearest surface in a thick layer of cum. I'd love to service him, seriously such a hot cock ;)

by bgrod4u 4 years ago

Average length cock but above average thickness. Great muscular legs and one of the best close up cum shots I have ever seen which made up for any of Blackey's shortcomings. Very hot video.

by 3632936 4 years ago

That comment was for Jackson88 (who has no uploaded videos) ;-)

by 3632936 4 years ago

Average is 5.75 inches! Look that up.

by Eager2pleaz 4 years ago


by Jackson88 4 years ago

Are we getting soft? That's an average dick, definately not worth 4 stars. 2 or 3 max.

by joey8mor 4 years ago

Lordy...that Blackey Madison is one freaky, hung, and full of cum...blastin' it out everywhere.