Beautiful man

About eight years ago, while watching MiamiBoyz jo solo of a guy named "Johnny," I would never have guessed that the uptight, unsmiling & oddly unsexy kid would one day be adored by millions as JMac. But here he is--nearing 30 & in his prime--displaying the animal magnetism & sexual savvy that only the greatest pornstars possess. Lacey, the lucky gal he's boffing, has the kind of butt that really really turns him on.

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by rich719 5 years ago

Over the past six months, he has become one of my idols.

by williebrowne 5 years ago

A stud and a half!

by blojobista 5 years ago

And yes, JMac is a beautiful man!

by AndyDC 5 years ago

Thanks for breaking into Vlad's latest 'retrospective' with SOMETHING NEW!