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not huge but a monster to suck uncut pinga!!!

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by jack512 5 years ago

That cock was made for deep throating and the cocksucker had skills.

by david85 7 years ago


by juergen1959 7 years ago

Mhh, wow, hot cock, oh yes thats is it, what i like. Oh man, come an fuck me hart and deep in my white ass, give me your hot cum

by taso13 9 years ago

Anyone know what movie this is from?
Excellent vid....Jose'Latinoboy9

by careem 10 years ago

Enormous foreskin. A big cock and large balls also. He takes it down so easily. The downward curve must be easier to take than the upward curved one. I think they both enjoyed the suck.

by smoothsilk 10 years ago

As already said a fab 4skin for sucks!

by johnat35 10 years ago

damn, talented cocksucker and perfectly shaped cock for deepthroat action

by chubbtmboi 10 years ago

that dick was made to slide down a throat! YUM

by bartonside 10 years ago

Wow! A most interesting cock - an erection with a downward curve is quite unusual as is a foreskin that covers the head when hard. He has great balls too and is good looking as well. Brilliant!

by Hung2u 10 years ago

I also want to give credit to the great cock sucker - dude, you know what your doing - care to suck on mine?

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