Casey wood and Barrett long monsters

Barrett invites casey for some action and compares cock before he fucks him

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by hotboy007 6 months ago

barrett is the funnest guy you can meet. his dick is totally huge, but is absolutely total smooth, giving you traction. you just feel you are being fucked by a gigantic balloon. ok, REAL gigantic balloon

by Gugaone 1 year ago

both are soooo fucking hot!!!!!!!

by naxia 1 year ago

hier , meine seiten..

by dongeater 1 year ago

So fucking HOT! These big cocks together are fantastic!

by Polesmoker1 3 years ago

Sexy Fucks Both Of Them *****

by whackjob 3 years ago

huge wood at 8 09

by mikein1973 4 years ago

*Big* fan of Casey Wood. So hot - such a big massive cock ... wow. AND he has a twink like body, and I mean it in the BEST of ways. :)

by snarglee 4 years ago

thats one BIG horsecock....I want it all down the back of my throat!!!!

by royboy361 4 years ago

I don't know why but I've never been a Barrett Long fan.

by phreddie1 4 years ago

That chinless creep should consider himself privileged to be fucked by ANYONE, much less Barrett!