The Big Ones

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Rick Donovan (with a tache!) fucks Josh Taylor

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by hungdaddy 4 years ago'll get fucked.

by anonymous 5 years ago

@MrSlurpy isn't story I might say! Did you guys sleep together?

by jason567 8 years ago

Who was the dancer?

by JohnOakland 8 years ago

Too bad the music sucks harder than Josh.

by MrSlurpy 8 years ago funny. Rick used to live down the street from me in San Diego, neaar Hillcrest. He lived with this crazy drag queen that was probably kicked out of every gay bar in San Diego. Looked to me like Rick was hitting the bottle a little too much...handsome man, even then, about 6 years ago but the booze and that crazy queen was wearing him down. One day, they were gone...and I never saw him again. I have no idea where he is or if he's even alive. Man, was he sexy in his heyday, tho....

by nc11 9 years ago

huge cock anda nice ass too

by AllAroundBoy19 10 years ago


by paardelul 10 years ago

thenk you, my favourite clip ever..I've been waiting for that big cock

by tommyboy3 10 years ago

Later Donovan, hot as ever! LOVE the dirty talk, so missing from most. And his cock is still a winner.

by ceemor 10 years ago

1 hot dick!

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