By popular demand

Are these guys too geeky for you? Wouldn't take either to the prom? Then how about a weekend in the country with both, just sucking & fucking for fun? Whatever, I sensed a groundswell of interest in seeing the megahung top have his way with a bottom who could handle him, and I think this clip fills the bill. If you like it enough, I have a sequel already in the works.

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by 3 years ago

wow I want it wish I could record him raping me

by j10451 3 years ago

i doubt any poppers, just skill.

by sexualtourist 3 years ago

Reading below shows that lisa was hardly the first to rip off C4C's editing jobs of Esteban flix.

by Eager2pleaz 3 years ago

The great thing about Esteban is that he knows his cock hurts but uses it roughly anyway.

by Polesmoker1 4 years ago

Wicked Suck and Fuck Vid *****

by hotboy007 4 years ago

Esteban 's cock is one of the top 3 biggest cocks i ve ever seen. ben andrews' dick is about the same size and girth, but Esteban get it soooo rock hard and fucks like a demon

by suckubus1011 4 years ago

what kinda poppers did that bottom take to open up to that annihilating tool ? I want some !!!

by dickflagg 4 years ago

WOW! Holy Fuck!!!!

by popolino 4 years ago

Is not so big but it is thick indeed. I met a guy from Holland in Cologne and his cock is thicker and bigger, unbelievable!

by partyboy877 5 years ago

primoso, check your FACTS before preaching