Monstercock Jerk part 2

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Hi, here it is, the second part of the little gem, the cumming monstercock. Thanks for the numerous reactions after part 1. I knew you would love that monstercock. Enjoy the final part now. I know-it's not very long but therefore it's a dick of the century...Regards- W.

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by maverickhorse 5 years ago

looks like somebody I used 2 love who was an alcoholic who couldn't stop drinking: well, he did, but then he came back 2 live w/ me & cracked open a beer in my bathroom. I said, "You gotta go." I dropped him off @ the Bus Station the next day in my shite car: he started talking like a "sex Maineac from Portland, Maine," I said, "I gotta go." That was the last time that I saw him: I wonder if he even made it to San Diego: he was going 4 the Geographical Cure at that point: he was THE BEST!!!

by alfonso33 11 years ago

Yes he does fuck, Titch is very Hot and that is the sexy White dick since Jeff Stryker, its one thing to have a big dick but a big dick and skills and to much, and Titch is all that.

by anonymous 14 years ago

he does fuck, see his other videos

by anonymous 15 years ago

does anyone know what video this is from; i know its rudeboiz or hung ladz but which one

by anonymous 15 years ago

titch jones is my hero adn my idol.goodlooking, huge cock, very thick cock, and super cum shooter. i woudl suck that cock every day. I am going to England so i can meat him

by anonymous 16 years ago

i love you titch jones. will you marry me?

by anonymous 16 years ago

now that is a huge cock; big and very thick!!

by steve2009 16 years ago

my god I'de pay for that and it would be money well spent

by anonymous 16 years ago

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by anonymous 16 years ago

huge cock and very thick. if i was his friend , he would never have to jerk off aagaian, i would suck that huge dick every night and swallow his load