Long Dong Silver and Seka in Mandongo

Seka plays Scarlet o-Whora and she is waiting for Long Long Dong Silver to return from a battle in the civil war. Finally he arrives and Scarlett is excited to find out if his dick was really as big as the others said... Damn it Long Dong! Drop your pants - she wants to see your dick :-)

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by untmovement 12 months ago

As I recall, this is the guy that Clarence Thomas showed pics of to Anita Hill.

by pumperballs 4 years ago

come on its not that bad for the age of it

by bobstercanna 14 years ago

What a load of CRAP!

by meticcio 14 years ago


by Goldstaender 16 years ago

Echt oder nicht - der lange Dödel scheint keine Sekunde lang steif zu werden. Der Fick am Schluss ist nur gespielt.

by MarkBB 16 years ago

what an utter waste of celloid

by sexybadboy 16 years ago

its all real

by 16 years ago

Lone Dong RUBBER is so fake and phony it's sickening. Strangely enough, some people believe his prosthetic attachment is real.

by charlypan47 17 years ago

the shittiest vid I've ever seen

by mrfreaky 17 years ago

Makes for good fantasy but very unrealistic on so many levels