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Hottie jacks his huge cock and spews a hot, thick load. Enjoy!

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by maverick26 10 years ago

my fave XTUBE guy!

by Baladus4 10 years ago

"Thar He Blows" !!! Niiice!

by LongJohnny 10 years ago

Incredible cum-shot, but a pity the camera was too close for full effect. As for pumping ... sure, there's nothing like it for fantastic effect.

by rikoko 10 years ago

Love this column of cockflesh!!

by Wolf10in 10 years ago

Nice thick cock. The thickness of the foreskin suggests he has used a vacuum pump. The shaved pubic hair is a little more evidence. But hey, virtually all porn stars pump, and it's popular with all guys.

by HorseHung11 10 years ago

This is a hot BI stud that used to be on Xtube named AppleBum27 , he has a really nice Apple bum and I think that's how he got the name, no doubt he loves getting it plowed too