Amazing Monster

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selfsucker too

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by hugecummer 5 years ago

I record his cam for a while but this lately he never cam..what a pity...I got about 5 videos of him include cumshot!!! he is a real big shooter!!

by hugecummer 5 years ago

well guys this is not a fake cock!! As you can see he cum in 22:52 his from chaturbate,I am sorry guys you can't accpet the fact but this is a fucking real dick!!!

by pageuk 5 years ago

15:36 He takes his hand away from the base. It is real!

by royboy361 5 years ago

His hand doesn't even fit around it. Flippin huge.

by Britannic 5 years ago

Okay, to the morons who think ever large cock is fake. First, the skin is moving. That doesn't happen on a fake. Second, there are several moments where when he stops stroking his cock begins to get soft. Again, doesn't happen when it's fake. Stupid moron.

by tonedom1 5 years ago

How can any guy sit down for 24 minutes wanking his big cock? OUCH! Stand up and show us what you really got.

by aelinero 5 years ago

Pls somebody tell me about him. Where can I see more of him. Thanks a lot

by cunningdeceit 5 years ago

its not fake hes on chaturbate all the time and hes shown it without his hand plenty of times

by joshdylan 5 years ago

fake cock.. you can always tell.. never gets full hard, and the guy starts with his hand on the base of the shaft, and never, ever removes it.

by hanstoes 5 years ago

that's not a cock it's a conjoined twin!