M...O...N...S...T...E...R.... 8.37 minutes

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8.37 minutes

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by townsend927 10 years ago

This man can really fuck face.

by 4skinhunta 10 years ago

Foreskin fanatic falls for flick! I give it a two knees rating....

by LongJohnny 10 years ago

STYLISH !!! 5-star plus.

by lkng4bgblls 10 years ago

While the man can't deep throat, he sure can work the balls under that huge cock to cause a deep, intense cum explosion that lasts.

by eros 10 years ago

this is what I call @ cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesssssssssssssss

by smoothsilk 10 years ago

That cock is really something special. Its so streamlined smooth & beautifully shaped. I particularly like the curve upwards with the very moist head tucked inside that wonderful 4skin. I would just love to suck it.

by gsm93 10 years ago

What DVD is this from? I love it!

by Gugaone 10 years ago

wow, what a hot man!!!!!!!!!

by TopTen 10 years ago

That is Max Cannon French or French Canadian

by hunger 10 years ago

yeh, but worth seeing again!