Ken Ryker Gets Serviced

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Big dicked Ken Ryker sorts a cute greedy bottom boy in this vintage porn.

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by builtwellmi 9 months ago

I love the old videos. So much better than these new ones. No imagination anymore. Just suck then fuck. Nothing wild n kinda kinky

by chippendalexxll 7 years ago


by throatfucker 7 years ago

You can tell they are just going through the motions here, but Ken Ryker is always hot!!

by hotboy007 7 years ago

ken's body is so huge that you never realize how gigantic his cock is....

by xxxinxs 7 years ago

I have the biggest crush on Ken....still!

by zingzing1981 8 years ago

Ken is an ARSE! Pure eye candt and as vapid as he is closeted! Nothing to revel but certainly a great cock to exploit.

by puppethead19 10 years ago


by andras 10 years ago

Ryker is true perfection. Unfortunately he's a gay for pay porn star. Meaning, he's probably married with kids somewhere. I'm sure he made enough money in his career to retire comfortably. Otherwise he's probably a brick layer on some building site. Could you imagine him fucking some guy on the job... YUM.

by sisalrug 10 years ago

directors are so stupid. Why didnt they have a longer shot of him frontal, walking, dick swinging? Toweling off? Just standing there for a moment, wet from the shower? He's a beautiful man, even just standing there for a moment is a turn-on. Instead he is cut in half then walks away from the camera. I think my mother could make a better porno than some of these people.

by MackBridgman 10 years ago

Where is Ryker these days? Anyone know?