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trained guy cums on floor

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by WHICHONE 5 months ago


by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

mmmm i like it...all on the floor.......

by withme 7 years ago


by bilesj 7 years ago

That looks like Blackie Madison.

by sfzephyr 9 years ago

STILL my favorite video on this website! This kid is just AMAZING! First, he has a hands-free orgasm, shooting out at least four HUGE ropes of cum, and then he starts frigging that big cock of his, and strokes out ANOTHER at least EIGHT more wads! ASTOUNDING! This video makes ME cum every single time!

by sfzephyr 10 years ago

One of THE most amazing and erotic cum shots I've ever seen. I've never seen a guy cum just from playing with his nipples - that was HOT! I must have cum 20 times to this video already - by far my favorite video on this website!

by xxxsere 10 years ago

so fukin hawt

by kaahrl 10 years ago


by sfzephyr 10 years ago

MAN, that was AWESOME!