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huge dicks on nude gay beach

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by LongJohnny 5 years ago

Detumescing. Very.

by sdterp 11 years ago

I loved this candid video & agree with bigmikema that this looks like Blacks here in San Diego. As for the "huge dick" issue, "huge" is a subjective issue. I get tired of hearing, “It’s ‘only’ 10".” For some members, that qualifies. Some like length or girth, some want both and others still only want pumped, injected or otherwise altered equipment. If you don't like what you see move on. Maybe it's not for you but someone here is bound to like it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

by bigmikema 11 years ago

The black guy is def the hottest of the 3, with that phat bubble azz and the big baseball bat cock... As for the location, it def looks like Blacks Beach in San Diego, CA.

by creature100 11 years ago

pity that the old men had to spoil it by standing there all the time ..

by fudgster 11 years ago

great vid!

by oscargay 11 years ago

i liked it, love how they were getting semi-hard ones. where is this?would love to go there

by barneynobush 11 years ago

shut up!

by sexgodsf 11 years ago

Why do people overstate their video? Isn't it obvious?

by ghgfh444 11 years ago

good i like it

by gjs3112 11 years ago

Huge? Where?