In bed with Pavel

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He is sooooo hot

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by ryan10plus 10 years ago

FUCK MAN- erotic is right! He could sit on my face anyday!!!

by mulder 10 years ago

M O R E ! ! !

by pedroacosta 10 years ago

uau. very creative music...

by sexgodsf 10 years ago

jealous bitches below. This is fantastic. He is so attractive it's just amazing.

by MackBridgman 10 years ago

What a god! That chest, those pex, that face, those arms, that ass... and his cock size is just fine. He can take me anytime and I will get him in touch with his inner bottom... til neither of us can walk without a limp. Imagine cuddling up to that studly chest all night and waking to that handsome face... WOW!

by srstndnd 10 years ago

An all-time favorite!

by BDCGuy 10 years ago

It's not a "monster", but he's hot and we definitely wouldn't kick him out of our bed.

by rag0007 10 years ago

...that gorgeous and smokes ???????????????

by jcrack52 10 years ago least its nice to have a lean body and look good!