Hung stud Bare Fucks Muscle Jock Raw

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by jack512 11 years ago

I couldn't take my eyes off the bottom boys face. He is more beautiful than most girls.

by iamflesh 14 years ago

super hot but kinda boring

by hornyswede 15 years ago

hope they payed the little kids well...sick...

by kissjeffgoodbye 15 years ago

wow, u guybs are so fucking rascist, how could u not think the top was gorgeous, didnt u see his eyes?. u cant get past his skin huh

by Stephan78 16 years ago

Give them a break they are first timers!

by mikewriter 16 years ago

they're both beautiful but the scene is rather boring

by lepamplemousse 16 years ago

there are boys!!!

by distanceshooter 16 years ago

More action! How about more passion? or any passion? The bottom was cute, but he had no reaction on his face except to stare into the camera and smile.... Did he even know somebody was fucking him?!

by johnat35 16 years ago

Nice cock, cute bottom, but could have been more action...