Next Door Studios Presents Rod Spunkel

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Not bad looking guy, nice body, but BIG dick.

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by gcbloom54 1 year ago

I'll drop everything and be right over, man....hell....yeah...big and beefy in all departments....a REAL man...

by patrickinca1 3 years ago

Hes awesome

by Riddex 4 years ago

one of the best solos i have ever gotten off on

by bobcollins 7 years ago

Looking goodzilla

by heavybulge 8 years ago

He has a nice butt.

by clarence007 9 years ago

any gay vids of him doing dudes? there is one in here with a guy sucking him. but i wonder if there is one with him fucking a guy?

by careem 10 years ago

The camera work is really bad... The cock is really big...

by 10 years ago

One of my favs!!!

by MrSlurpy 10 years ago

Oh, Man....Id let him fill my hole with every drop of cum he could muster from his nuts.

by banaboy 10 years ago

This guy is amazing. Keep the hair. Goes great with the rest of you.