MO.N.S.T.E.R...ON...WEBCAM.... 9.40 minutes

9.40 minutes .... Even the cat wants to enjoy the show

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by HarHoos 2 years ago


by canwill 5 years ago

he is a fucking GOD

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

great cock...big fucker

by Vanbrugh 6 years ago

...its very easy to be churlish but I'm not keen on his dick as big as it may be!....loss of his foreskin I think!

by 6 years ago

too bad he's straight LOL

by aces333 6 years ago

by massiveteencock 6 years ago

Oh my god, what a beast!

by ca11 7 years ago

long and very thick; just the way i like it

by whiterush 8 years ago

his room is a fucking mess, he's cruel to his cat, his camera work is shoddy...but the cock is amazing

by usamel 9 years ago

i think it is bigger than 9 x 6 1/4, I say nmore like 10-10 1/2 x 7