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This is completely soft - I do get "semi" at the end. If you want rock hard, see my other vids - this just gives an idea of it's size at a natural (boring) state.

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by wet14u 12 years ago

Would try to swallow that ;-)

by chippendalexxll 12 years ago

nice.....even so

by surfergirlca 12 years ago

mmmm love it!

by 1tachi 12 years ago

I second seirumtsen's request. Please make a video with jeans off!

by lunchmeat 12 years ago

If that beauty is boring, I want to be bored to death.

by anonymous 12 years ago

jc8, can you do a vid with your jeans off?

Really loving your vids so far.

by jc8 12 years ago

I have vids of it hard here.

by ratzfatz 12 years ago

very nice. how long is your dick when hard? i wanna see it hard :-)

by 20boy 12 years ago

nice :D