Rod tries something new

Here's a sample of the "Unknown Rod" I mentioned in a recent Spunkel posting. It's the scene he did (under the screen name of Rick Desmond) for the "Your Mom Tossed My Salad" series--which is, just as the title suggests, all about MILFs who love to eat ass. And Rod apparently loves to get his eaten. The resulting scene is pretty hot, actually, but since many str8 guys (despite secretly loving it) think there's something a little gay about getting rimmed, I doubt anything like this will ever show up in one of Rod's switch-hitter scenes. Too bad.

Comments (20)

by patrickinca1 1 year ago

i'd toss his salad any day

by Karl_P 5 years ago

Spunkel: one dreamy ass eatee, fer shure!

by whackjob 5 years ago

love her eyes at hand at 4:53

by ligando 5 years ago

well the point was to suck his ass then she focused to suck dick...well well...

by bangbang77 5 years ago

he looks so young in here..

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

i liked that girl crying x video

by deg0g4rc14 6 years ago

normally you wouldn't tell the incredible ass he has

by JJCCMM 6 years ago


by slapstick10 6 years ago

Fuckin' nasty!

by cmacmtuyo 6 years ago

they are simply wonderful. She is to hot and looks real and he is absolutely hot and very masculine. The video shows his feet which are very important to consider in direction> most of directors focus only genitals. congratulatios for all them

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