Black girl vs. huge white dick!

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Pornstars:Danny D.

Matt Hughes and a super cute black chick!

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by Prince_Harming 5 months ago

It's also amazing to me that most females simply have No clue as to how to suck dick.

by Prince_Harming 5 months ago

it's always amazing to me that an adult film director NEVER seems to take into consideration that most females have long hair, which is going to cut into easy viewing. Absolutely amazing. Plenty of great sound effects though. This way you can sort of 'imagine' what would be going on if you were actually able to see it.

by caliente1 6 years ago

LMAO.. this video was hot and funny.. when he slaps her hard.. and she screamed ough..

by Wildcat 6 years ago

Holy Shit, what a hot fuck!!!! The Take the Monster!

by 24malehorny 6 years ago

i hate fake tits

by nanamole 6 years ago

I know all about the power of a big cock. You seem helpless but one you get it everything is fine !!!

by 2029880 6 years ago

Dear johnbo, at least two of three uploads are reposts. This one was posted by myself 27 Nov 2011. `Thickest white Cock` is the repost of a repost, last time posted 17 Febr 12. Yes, it is impossible to know if a vid is allready posted but two out of three is not so good - in particular both clips are relatively fresh. Dont take it personally.
It looks that this clip gets more views than the `original`.

by caliente1 6 years ago

Wow.. great fuck!!!

by hanstoes 6 years ago

i guess big dick is worth waiting for . . .