Too short boxershorts

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Justins cock is too long to fit in the boxershort

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by MonsterPatrick 5 months ago

Hot cock and guy.

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

very long and beautiful cock

by mone209 6 years ago

he wears them too damn high thats why.

by marinedick8 8 years ago

7half is not hung and any one can pull up their boxers and look like they are super hung, boring

by ditcornetto 8 years ago

do that cock justice, loose the baggy boxers

by zakarpanjang 8 years ago

super hung.... and the tugging on his dick part is super hot!!!

by chiguy36 8 years ago

this dude is fuck up or drunk on something lmfao....

by 4inchpeepee 8 years ago

i wish i had that same problem. :( u real guys with hung dicks are so lucky. you get so much more fun than mine ever does D:

by aber80 10 years ago

well it fits when he doesn't pull them half way up his stomack

by fratboyz 10 years ago

very nice boy with a gr8 cock love to see it hard