Damen Rockford - Rock Hard

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Damen Rockford - Rock Hard

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by jordonogletree 8 months ago

anyone ever see him cum?

by colegio22 4 years ago

I agree with msavitt. Extra pintos for thickness and stiffness on a gorgeous dick.

by chippendalexxll 6 years ago

handsome cock

by endofcape 6 years ago

what a disappointment in the end! 7 minutes to get to that ending?

by Andy1970 6 years ago

@hairyinbetween Look at the end of the video - it gives the details there

by plinius 6 years ago

Horrible dick!!! And very bad quality physic and muscles... hormons 'bag! If this guy has success, i really don't understand it.

by hairyinbetween 6 years ago

talk about beer-can thick. does anyone know the song?

by msavitt 6 years ago

extra points for thickness and stiffness

by lovemethecock 6 years ago

Fuckin hot.

by imago 6 years ago

Quite a thick one, though not exactly monstrous. No Cum?