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Saw his photo posted so thought I'd post some video of this guy. He was into anal play.

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by ikerny 6 years ago

Did you interview the people who used to be on cam4 as to why they left? Do you really suppose it's because people post videos of them without asking their permission? Do you also suppose they don't want to be seen by others is the reason they exhibit themselves on a public forum? Just asking.

by tenthard 6 years ago

Did you get this guy's permission to record him and post his video?

No wonder people who used to be on cam4 are no longer there. Because people do this without getting permission.

Thanks for being one of those people that drive people to not want to share themselves cause you're doing this.

by obsst 6 years ago

ele tem o cu arrombado

by DarcNite 6 years ago

Wow he looks like... fun. :D Wouldn't mind being his neighbor. Very nice find.