International encounter

The top is a proud son of Puerto Rico, the bottom is a much-traveled Sicilian, and they got together in the Barcelona studio of an outfit that has become world famous for its rough & ready scenes of raw-and very macho--fucking. (Too many more details might get this clip deleted before its time, and the top, in any case, needs no introduction to regulars around here.) The full scene runs close to 20 minutes--six of which I've left out for this specially edited MCL presentation.

Comments (10)

by chippendalexxll 12 years ago

BIAGGI is a great machofucker.......that biggggggg cock......

by careem 12 years ago

An STD breeding ground. No condom, no sense. The bottom apparently has a very small cock so he kept it hid. He could have taken a dick twice the size of that one and still had some room left over.

by eingangstr 12 years ago

ja ja, dem biaggi den arsch auslecken und die eier lutschen - da s sehen wir gerne - he he

by latinangel1 12 years ago

The ass eating along made me wet

by bkblkricanboi 12 years ago

I know that room smells like booty and pre-cum

by TopTen 12 years ago

hot hairy hung fuckers

by MisterXXX 12 years ago

big balls fat cock antonio ahhhh

by papagallo222 12 years ago

Yeah, IM, they should probably call you in to help Antonio crank it up. Looks like he's having a littletrouble.

by mascbruhnatl2 12 years ago

was that a BUMP on his dick? euuuu

by Internationalmuscle 12 years ago

Anybody is calling me? LOL