9.5, Part 2, 2/2

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Fit guy JO on cam with a happy ending.

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by hotboy007 6 years ago

black dicks are long. german dicks are wide and thick. italian dicks are long and thick, although not as long as blacks and not as wide as germans

by adriano93500 6 years ago

This is Mambaman , from London, on Cam4.
He is there quite regularly, mostly morning.
He says he is bi, but in the chat he is interested only in real muscle men. He shows always exactly the same way, first front view, second side view, and always cums. He refuses to selfsuck.

by pis 6 years ago

NICE BODY, DICK AND CUM SHOT! You are the bomb and 1 grenade!!!!!

by nokiaboy 6 years ago

thats one of the most amazing cocks ive ever seen - it reminds me of mandigoo the porn stars cock. must be like 10 inch and so thick. i cant possibly imagine any girl or guy taking that massive black dong inside them - would love to see him fuk with that massive man meat tho. shame we didnt see his face, as love to see who that hot body and amazing cock belongs to. i bet he can also self suck it too